ATEX marking
ll 3G Ex ec nC ic IIB T1 Gc 
DTI 19ATEX0113X 

The ExGuard is designed for safe temperature controlled storage of items potentially emitting noxious, malodourous and/or explosive atmospheres. At the core, the ExGuard is envisioned to facilitate a safer work environment for users.

Features include:

• Built in safety mechanisms that prevent the cabinet from being opened before the hazardous atmosphere have been safely extracted

• Effortless and safe daily operation

• ATEX Cat.3 Zone 2 compliant – Internal and External

• Easy connection to your existing ventilation system*

• Minimal setup

• High capacity refrigeration system for temperature recovery

*Requirements for airflow dependant on items stored

ExGuard ER600W

Temperature range -2 °C/+20 °C
Ambient temperature range Solid door +10 °C/+30 °C, Glass door +10 °C/+38 °C
Control unit Dedicated ExGuard extraction controller and software inhibiting access to the storage chamber unless safe extraction of cabinet interior has occurred. Timing of steps in the access procedure can be adjusted to suit your specifications. Separate controller managing normal operation as with the BioPlus range.
Alarms Acoustic and visual, High/Low temperature alarms
Access port 1 pcs. Ø 24.5 mm
Material interior Stainless steel
Material exterior White lacquered steel or stainless steel
Dimensions (W x D x H) 820 x 789 x 1996/2246 (min./max. height)*
Net weight Unpackaged net weight without optional fittings: 166 kg
Gross volume 614 litres
Net volume 486 litres
Modules for shelves and drawers 47 shelves or 9 drawers
Insulation 70 mm polyurethane with HFC-free cyclopentane propellant
K-Value Solid door 0.26 W/m2K; glass door 0.45 W/m2K
Refrigerant R290
CO2e -
Energy consumption (kWh/24h) (R290) Solid door: 1.62 kWh/24h / Glass door 2.08 kWh/24h
Heat emission (Watt) (R290) 236,8**
Base Legs, Castors
Connection 230 V, 50 Hz, 16 Amp
Connection load (Watt) (R290) 316
Start current (R290) 9,7 A
Sound level 46.3 dB(A)
Air system BioLine ventilated air distribution system
Defrost system Automatic smart defrost with re-evaporation of defrost water

*Dimensions in mm
**100% operation at +23°C (+/- 1K) ambient temperature

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