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Gram Scientific ApS

1st of January 2023 Gram BioLine changed ownership to “Gram Scientific ApS” from “Gram Commercial, filial af Hoshizaki Europe BV”.

Under new and independent ownership, Gram Scientific ApS continues the proud traditions of developing and manufacturing in Vojens, Denmark.

In 2006, Gram BioLine was founded by Gram Commercial, which has been known for ist professional quality cooling solutions for decades. Our products are characterised above all by their high reliability. With its uniquely designed products Gram BioLine caters to applications where specifications for temperature sensitive items are at their highest.

Controlled biostorage

In the competitive commercial world of bioscience, there can be huge investments riding on the speed, dependability and success of research work, R&D and biomedical breakthroughs. Therefore, we understand that the controlled preservation of biomaterials is an intense focus. In both commercial bioscience and scientific research, the window of opportunity can be exceedingly limited and development time frames under heavy scrutiny. Since such biomaterial is often in short supply and its procurement and development is an expensive undertaking, you must be able to rely on your storage facilities at all times.

Our high-performance refrigerators and freezers are therefore essential to keeping this sensitive material within meticulously controlled storage parameters.

From better to best

Gram BioLine has therefore applied all its vast range of refrigeration and freezer know-how to providing the ultimate in meticulously controlled, highly dependable biostorage. 

We design the Gram BioLine range with all the mission-critical components and systems to exceptional specifications, and with every detail super-optimised to tackle the exceptional demands of discerning bioscience customers.

We focus on making Gram BioLine cabinets and systems supremely reliable, so you can be sure of keeping delicate, high-value bioscience materials under perfect conditions at all times, with a minimum of effort or concern.

In the business of "cold" for over 100 years

Established in 1901 by Hans Gram, it was not set in stone that refrigeration would be Gram's core business for almost a century. But as with many things in life, one thing leads to another.

Managing Quality - Managing our core values

We at Gram BioLine strive persistently and purposefully to deliver the quality of products and service that we feel our customers warrant.  Quality across the full spectrum of the definition, is maintained through managing risks, timely and adequate preventative- or corrective measures, endless efforts for improvements and a company-wide consensus of what “good quality” is and how to obtain and maintain.

Environmentally speaking, the little and big picture

The act of taking responsibility, in its purest human sense, is something that is derived from within. It is something that you as a person take upon yourself.

But when assessing responsibility in a wider, more holistic sense – responsibility suddenly goes from a micro perspective; taking care of your family, being part of a football club etc., to macro, where the term responsibility is interpreted to be comprehensive, and extensive in subject matter.

Much like quality management, where internal audits should be needless, since proper procedures are in place. We at Gram BioLine believe that responsibility should come from within, even when it comes to corporate responsibility. 


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We have been on the forefront of many aspects of cleaner and efficient and effective professional refrigeration since our inception.


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