Corporate Social Responsibility:


Environmentally speaking

Being “environmentally friendly” is not something you achieve, it is something you continuously aspire to be.

There will always be advancements in technology, knowledge and availability which facilitate and further a green approach to products and how one manufacture products. That being said, we at Gram BioLine pride ourselves in being at the forefront of providing products with as small environmental footprints as possible.

A large proponent to this are the actual products that we make.
With an expected minimum service life of 10 years - their longevity (and therein no need to be replaced) and serviceability are key factors in our holistic ecological view and effort to be environmentally friendly.  

A pivotal point of our “Caring products” policy is to provide the best possible service to our customers, part of this being the serviceability and availability of spare parts for our products. Acknowledging the value of keeping products in service, we guarantee the availability of spare parts for at least 10 years after initial purchase of the product.

BioLine units do not use CFC or HCFC refrigerants, which damage the environment by depleting the ozone layer. Instead, all BioLine units are available with a comprehensive selection of environmentally responsible natural hydrocarbon refrigerants, including R290, with which we have particular experience.

Similarly, the only propellant we use in the manufacture of the CFC-free insulation in BioLine cabinets is cyclopentane. BioLine units are therefore an environmentally responsible solution as regards their manufacture, when in service due to their exceptionally low energy consumption, and when they are disposed of once their service life has ended.

ISO 14001 certified

As an ISO 14001 certified company we are proud to meet the environmental management requirements of this exacting and stringent standard. This long standing and internationally recognised accreditation is designed to manage, monitor and reduce a manufacturers operational burden on the environment. This demonstrates the commitment of Gram to achieve these high standards through the application of forward thinking and innovative business practices.

It is a clear requirement of ISO 14001 that we document and achieve continuous environmental improvements by setting clear companywide targets and action plans. The ISO 14001 certification is revised annually and is closely controlled and monitored to ensure that all environmental goals have been achieved.

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Socially speaking

Being socially responsible is something very close to our heart.

We are solely a Danish manufacturer, located in a southern part of the peninsula called “Jylland”- a partially rural area. We pride ourselves, in a age of outsourcing, in being an employer of factory workers up to upper management. Being a long-time employer in the area has imparted great appreciation of “taking care of our own” - this does not only encompass our colleagues, but also the local community.

Work environment is a major issue in Denmark, and Gram is no exception. Where we take care of our colleagues by providing everything from lifting equipment, ergonomic assembly benches, safety clothing and shoes to height adjustable tabes (for all office employees) and frequent work place assessments.


A central part of Danish work life, is what you do outside work.  Gram prides itself in having a healthy work-life balance culture - and with a Danish welfare model, with flexible working conditions and social support such as maternity leave, childcare facilities, free hospitals and education (including university),Denmark is at the top of international equality surveys, and contributes to a high living standard.


This all means that we at Gram, value the life outside of work, and are allowed to by our colleagues. In the end people are more creative, healthier and happier with their job and employment.