Biostorage on your terms

The BioLine Range

The BioLine advantage

Appearances can be deceptive. The basic box shape is just about the only thing that BioLine controlled biostorage solutions have in common with the household fridges and freezers that we’re all familiar with. The BioLine range also features significantly higher performance and considerably more demanding specifications than any commercial refrigeration and freezer equipment.


This all means you can rely on every product in our BioLine range to meet and exceed any current legislative requirements and international standards, right across the board. There are seven entirely separate models in the BioLine range of controlled biostorage solutions. Together, these cover everything from high–specification biostorage designed for “mission–critical” work to general–purpose refrigeration and freezer units.



The ExGuard line offers a safe and viable storage solution for items potentially emitting noxious, malodourous and /or explosive atmospheres. With external and internal ATEXCat. 3 Zone 2 compliance, integrated extraction controller, user safety features and failsafes– ExGuard simply needs to be connected to an existing ventilation system and power supply to deliver a market benchmark for practical obtainable safety in the workplace.


The BioUltra is our ultra-low-temperature cabinet, designed to meet exceptional expectations for safe storage. It has a powerful bottom mounted cascade refrigeration system, vacuum insulated panel technology and safe closing system constituted by multi-tier gaskets placed in a labyrinth frame.


This is our most advanced model, specifically designed to meet even the most stringent biostorage requirements. The compressor is mounted on top of the cabinet, and the interior is made entirely of stainless steel. BioPlus cabinets are available as full–height units with six different capacities.


This is our mid–range model, designed to comply with demanding biostorage requirements. The compressor is mounted at the base of the cabinet, and the interior sides are made of aluminium or stainless steel. All BioMidi models feature a high– specification control system.

BioCompact II

The BioCompact ll design is a general–purpose cabinet that features a forced air distribution system. BioCompact ll cabinets feature the same high– specification control system as the BioMidi model. BioCompact ll cabinets are available in sizes from full–height to under–counter models.


The BioBlood range is similar to the top– of–the–range BioPlus, but with the control system and its software adapted to meet the particular requirements associated with the work carried out in blood banks. The interior fittings are specially designed for storing blood, plasma and other products used in blood bank operations.

Designed and manufactured in Denmark

Danish design, made in Denmark


All Gram BioLine products are designed and manufactured at our factory in Vojens, Denmark. It's here the company was founded in 1901, when industrialist Hans Gram established a 100m2 machine shop. And we are still in Vojens.


Maintaining manufacturing in Vojens has proven to be a sound investment for us, facilitating state of the art development, in production, process and product technology, ultimately providing a superior product.