BioUltra ultra-low temperature biostorage cabinets are designed and built to last, ensuring maximum ROI as well as effective use of resources. They are meticulously engineered to use the least possible energy to greatest possible effect.

Keeping temperatures stable
BioUltra cabinets ensure consistent temperatures throughout the storage space, and rapid temperature recovery after you have opened the door. This enables you to store blood, tissue and other lab material under the safest, most stable conditions possible.

Besides a regular air-cooled condenser, the BioUltra is also available with a hybrid water/air-cooled condenser option (Requires process water supply). The hybrid option combines the convenience of minimal heat and noise emission from water cooling, with the safety of a redundant condensing system in the event of interruptions in the supply of process water  - securing maximum item safety and cabinet uptime.

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Models in the BioUltra range

BioUltra UL570

Designed to meet exceptional expectations for safe storage

BioUltra UL570

Choosing the right product..

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Having it where it counts

Designed and manufactured in Denmark

Efficient, reliable refrigeration

BioUltra cabinets feature cascade refrigeration technology, in which the evaporator of the higher-temperature cooling circuit cools the condenser of the lower-temperature circuit. This makes it possible to reliably achieve ultra-low temperatures within a relatively small footprint.

Effective, space-saving insulation

Latest-generation vacuum-insulated panels are used throughout the cabinet. These panels are manufactured in western Europe to make sure they last as long as possible. These panels take up 20% less space than traditional insulation for biostorage cabinets, so you get more storage space.

Minimal thermal loss
Special assembly of the insulated panels, combined with advanced multi-tier gaskets that keep warmer and colder air separate, prevents thermal bridging, condensation and ice build-up.

Easy to set up – and move 
We fit all BioUltra cabinets with heavy-duty levelling castors that enable you to make sure each cabinet is level, as well as making it easy to move. 

Lots of space, easy to re-arrange
BioUltra cabinets provide maximum storage space for any given footprint. They are also designed to be exceptionally versatile. Specially designed BioLine shelves mean you can easily re-arrange what you store and how you store it – as and when your needs and priorities change.

Keeping cold in

BioUltra cabinets make sure the contents are ultra-cold and that you can be sure they’ll stay that way.

To keep the contents at the required temperature, BioUltra cabinets are fitted with insulated inner doors that help you minimise temperature drop and facilitate longer holdover times. The front door is also fitted with high-spec gaskets in a labyrinth frame to prevent thermal loss.