Introducing "Applications"

Distinguishing between the different model ranges and where they are best suited has gotten easier.

The “Application Areas” icons allow you to identify which product lines meet the needs of different segments, work environments, and use patters. This allows your individual needs and requirements to be assessed quickly and precisely.

ATEX - Internal and External...

The BioLine range of biostorage cabinets provides you with full ATEX compliance – both inside and outside the storage chamber – at no extra charge. The yellow ATEX application sticker on our different model ranges enables placement in environments with potential explosive atmospheres, and storage of items that can cause potential explosive atmospheres.

GMP - Good Manufacturing...

Gram BioLine acknowledges the specialised and specific needs of a GMP area, and with our GMP-application moniker, we labour to help shed light on which Gram BioLine refrigerators and freezers are suited for a GMP area. Ultimately being a small cog in a large wheel, Gram BioLine cabinets contribute in ensuring the lowest possible risks involved in pharmaceutical production that cannot be eliminated through testing. Enabling the lowering of risks for human consumption of GMP-controlled substances, and at the same time heighten product consistency, with their unique performance in temperature stability and temperature uniformity.

GLP - Good Laboratory Practi

With the addition of the the GLP application moniker, we strive to clarify which of our product ranges are appropriate for the storage of GLP-relevant studies, ensuring the ability to replicate tests consistently, with the ultimate goal to ensure human and environmental safety. Our product ranges within the GLP application section achieves this by enabling proper etiquette, more effective and efficient SOP's and ultimately facilitate study validity by exceeding the expected and established levels of accuracy and precision of the study.

Laboratory applications

With "Lab", you can find our different ranges complying with non-GLP laboratory specifications, and general-purpose storage for laboratory use. Despite not complying fully with GLP, it is still imperative in a laboratory environment to secure validity by following SOP's, and providing a research base able to exceed the established levels of accuracy and precision of a given study. See below which ranges can be used for your application.

Medicine storage application

Featuring options such as DIN 58345 compliance kit, a wide variety of fittings such as ABS and aluminium drawers and performance adhering to pharmaceutical manufacturers storage specifications, makes the following BioLine ranges ideally suited for medicine and vaccine storage.

Tissue storage applications

Facilitates storing of body liquids, organs, parts of organs or body tissues with the purpose of eventual infusion, administration or introduction into the body. With "Tissue", product ranges are selected for their aptitude for storing your valuable items, often essential to your work. Safeguarding the items is of great importance, therein ensuring accurate, stable and uniform temperatures in the storage chamber.

Storage of blood

Designed to comply with storage requirements of blood and blood components. The BioBlood range, exclusive in the "Blood application" are special versions of our top-of-the-range BioPlus cabinet, customised to meet the special requirements associated with the controlled storage of blood, plasma and blood–related products. These advanced cabinets have been developed exclusively for blood storage in order to help ensure high, consistent quality at every stage from donor to transfusion. This means uniquely stringent specifications of all the components. Intended for markets outside the european union.