The BioPlus devices are the top models of the BioLine. The latest technology, functionality and adaptability make these premium devices a future-proof package.

With a capacity of 500 to 1400 liters and a temperature range of -35 °C to +20 °C, the BioPlus series offers a wide variety of devices that provide the very best results even under exceptional conditions.

This product series is specially designed to store the most sensitive products where even the smallest temperature fluctuations can seriously affect the contents. In BioPlus refrigerators, the relative humidity in the interior can also be reduced, which also reduces the likelihood of unwanted contaminants getting into the vicinity of sensitive materials. The breadth of the BioPlus range offers a truly superior combination of usability and performance.


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Models in the BioPlus range

BioPlus 500

All the benefits of the BioPlus range, on a small footprint

BioPlus 500
BioPlus 600/660D

A deep cabinet, with good proportions and performance

BioPlus 600/660D
BioPlus 600/660W

A wide cabinet, enabling superior overview of the items

BioPlus 600/660W
BioPlus 930

Largest single door BioLine cabinet

BioPlus 930
BioPlus 1270/1400

Double door models with exceptional capacity

BioPlus 1270/1400
BioPlus EF600W/EF660W

-35°C/-5°C low temperature freezer

BioPlus EF600W/EF660W

Choosing the right product..

“Application” icons bridge the gap between product ranges and the requirements in the different segments, work environments and use patterns. Allowing for quick and precise evaluation of needs and requirements.

"Caring products"

Taking ownership of our products

A the core of Gram BioLine, we strive to make products to we pride ourselves in putting our name on. By ustilising modern production techniques, the latest technology and quality components, we do our utmost to keep our cabinets in service for as long as possible.


Pledge for longevity – Spare parts availability
A pivotal point of our “Caring products” policy is to provide the best possible service to our customers, part of this of the being the serviceability and availability of spare parts for our products. Acknowledging the value of keeping products in service, we guarantee the availability of spare parts for at least 10 years after initial purchase of the product.

ISO 9001
Quality is one thing, “Quality management” is another. Gram BioLine ensures and recognizes in a literal fashion that quality management – with inherent risk management, product traceability and process validation – is of the utmost importance. With 9001 certification, Gram BioLine cabinets reap the fruits of a comprehensive array of quality management systems.


ISO 14001
Gram BioLine has been awarded the stringent ISO 14001 approval as a result of continued improvement of its Environmental Management Systems and practices. Attaining the internationally accepted standard represents the achievement of maintaining profitability whilst reducing the environmental impact in the daily operation of all aspects of the organisation

Gram BioLine - built to spec.


Customised to your needs

Every single user has a unique set of requirements for how a biostorage fridge or freezer should be configured, and how the interior should be laid out. That’s why there are no standard arrangements for cabinets in the BioLine range – it’d be highly unlikely that “standard” would live up to your particular working requirements.

Specifying a BioLine cabinet to exactly your needs, and to customise both the operating specifications and the interior layout of your BioLine cabinets, so that they’re right in line with your particular requirements, is what BioLine cabinets are about.