ExGuard, work safety made accessible
Safe temperature controlled storage of items potentially emitting noxious, malodourous and /or explosive atmospheres has until now been difficult. 

An option has been to customise a cabinet with extensive additions to comply with requirements- or in the worst case, using a regular storage cabinet for hazardous atmospheres, exposing users and surroundings to potential harm. 

The ExGuard line offers a safe and viable storage solution for items potentially emitting noxious, malodourous and /or explosive atmospheres. With external and internal ATEXCat. 3 Zone 2 compliance, integrated extraction controller, user safety features and failsafes– ExGuard simply needs to be connected to an existing ventilation system and power supply to deliver a market benchmark for practical obtainable safety in the workplace.

A damper is controlled via the extraction controller to open and close, allowing for potentially contaminated air to be evaluated through the connected ventilation system.

Ambient air is drawn into the cabinet interior through a check valve when the damper opens, equalising the pressure in the interior thereby flushing out potentially contaminated air.

Easy to use

  • The ExGuards simple access procedure requires minimal training and ensures safe access to the stored items every time.
  • A powerful electromagnetic lock keeps the cabinet door firmly locked under ordinary operation.
  • To access the cabinet, press the activation button on the extraction control panel.
  • The cabinet interior will be evacuated and flushed with ambient air.
  • After a successful extraction, the cabinet can be opened.
  • When the cabinet is closed, the door is automatically locked.

Models in the ExGuard range


The ExGuard is designed for safe temperature controlled storage of items potentially emitting noxious,


Choosing the right product..

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