09. August 2019

Refigeration is critical in the life-science industries

Household refrigerators should be denied access for professional use in the life-science industries.

Household refrigerators should be denied access for professional use in the life-science industries. At least when it comes to storing temperature sensitive items. The common opinion is that a refrigerator is a refrigerator, it is not that difficult to keep a uniform and stable temperature in a refrigerator, right? You would be surprised!


Is it a relevant issue, whether a refrigerator designed to store food is also suitable for storing medicines, in an industry where large amounts of expensive and fragile items such as insulin are cold stored?


There is never only one temperature in a cabinet. There are many, depending on which point in the cabinet you measure the temperature. The difference depends on the environment, the degree of use and how the cooling system is constructed. The best possible temperature uniformity in a cabinet is achieved by having directional forced air circulation in the cabinet, which distributes the cold air evenly and minimizes hot / cold spots.


It was Jacob Hjelme’s normal refrigeration engineer who recommended a BioCompact cabinet from Gram Commercial, when he had to change cabinets. - He told me that the cabinets are used in the pharmaceutical industry, among others at Novo Nordisk. It gives me a great sense of security as a pharmacist. In addition, I think the cabinets are super nice and flexible, as it is easy to move entire drawer sections so that space can be accommodated for tall items. I am super happy with my aluminum drawers. They ooze good quality, says Jacob Hjelme, who has ordered cabinets number 9 and 10 for his three pharmacies. Jacob has not yet had any problems with the cabinets even though he received the first back in 2012. - It is a seriously good fridge. I must say that, says Jacob Hjelme, when asked if he is satisfied with the cabinets and their performance.


For Jacob, it is extremely important that the cabinets run stably, with good circulation and no moisture, as he often has goods for more than DKK 100,000 in each cabinet. With such diverse drugs as vaccines and Parkinson's drugs that can be extremely temperature sensitive, and insulin that requires a stable and cool temperature as well as no moisture, it is extremely important that the refrigerators keep the temperature stable and the moisture out whether we have one. as hot summer as we had in 2018. Gram BioLine's BioCompact II refrigeration and cooling cabinets, which Jacob believes are the best for his pharmacy, are especially designed to meet the high standards of medicine storage. With BioCompact II you get, among other things, Reliability, capacity and temperature stability mean you do not have to worry about your temperature sensitive items.


Jacob has connected a data logger from a 3rd party to his cabinets, as he believes it gives the best performance. In this way, he can also document that there has never been a hassle with his BioCompact IIs.