11. October 2021

Gram BioLine ExGuard: Guarding the users

Gram Bioline’s Exguard is made for protection. Protection of employees, students or anyone working with volatile substances. Volatile substances, besides being potentially explosive, can emit malodourous or noxious fumes that creates a harmful environment for the people working near them.

By the industry for the industry
The Gram BioLine Exguard is developed from a market demand and in collaboration with key organisations and specialists from the industry. Together we have developed a new cabinet type able to remove potentially contaminated atmospheres before the user opens the cabinet door, removing the risk of exposing users and surroundings to the build-up from inside the storage chamber.


ExGuard at its core
The ExGuard is designed for safe temperature-controlled storage of items potentially emitting noxious, malodourous, and/or explosive atmospheres. At the core, the ExGuard is aimed to facilitate a safer work environment for users by letting the existing ventilation system extract the hazardous atmospheres from the cabinet interior prior to being able to access the interior.

How it works
By being connected to an existing ventilation system and power supply, the Exguard will - by the push of a button – flush ambient air into the cabinet interior through a check valve.  All noxious, malodourous and /or explosive atmospheres are thereby removed before the cabinet door can be opened.  As with all other BioLine refrigerators, the ExGuard has internal and external ATEX Category 3 Zone 2 compliance, thereby keeping the work environment safety as high as possible.

If you want more information about ExGuard and our range in general, feel free to reach out.


ExGuard  - in short

  • The Exguard’s simple access procedure requires minimal training and ensures safe access to the stored items every time
  • A powerful electromagnetic lock keeps the cabinet door firmly locked under ordinary operation
  • To access the cabinet, press the activation button on the extraction control panel
  • The cabinet interior will be evacuated and flushed with ambient air
  • After successful extraction, the cabinet can be opened
  • When the cabinet is closed, the door is automatically locked

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