22. April 2021

COVID-19: Securing a safe path to immunisation

We are proud to be one of the companies that is a part of the solution when securing the cold-chain management of COVID-19 vaccine proliferation - and as result, global immunisation. As we are in the business of temperature critical storage, we obviously live and breathe item safety, however, we have never experienced correct temperature storage or vaccine wastage being a household talking point before.

The discussion is important
And the discussion is important as vaccines and medicines must be stored correctly to ensure safety and effectiveness. Therefore, it is crucial that the storage temperature meets the requirements outlined by the manufacturer of the vaccine.


Temperature is critical
When storing vaccines, you want correct and stable temperatures in cabinets optimised for this exact purpose. It is not uncommon to see temperature critical items, such as vaccines and medicines stored in domestic appliances that are designed to meet a completely different set of criteria and compliance requirements. Vaccines stored incorrectly, can potentially lead to reduced potency and lower the efficacy and protection they provide.


Effortless storage
Due to the short supply of COVID-19 vaccines it has never been more mission critical to be able to depend on refrigerator and freezer capacity for safekeeping. We have designed, fine–tuned and optimised all the details in Gram BioLine bio-storage cabinets to ensure maximum reliability, stringent control and optimized airflows - so with a minimum of effort or concern, you can keep delicate, high-value COVID-19 vaccines under optimal conditions. Temperature-critical storage is what we do.


High–performance refrigeration and freezer equipment is essential for keeping sensitive, delicate material – like the COVID-19 vaccines - within meticulously controlled temperature storage parameters. We have designed, fine–tuned and optimised all the details in the Gram BioLine range to meet the expectations for safe storage. All cabinets are designed, engineered and manufactured in Denmark.