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Gram BioLine is one of the world’s prime manufacturers of high-performance refrigerator and freezer equipment for life science applications such as laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceutical and industrial applications. All products are developed and manufactured in Vojens, Denmark where we have our headquarters since 2006.

The BioLine advantage

Although appearances can be deceptive, the controlled biostorage solutions of the BioLine series have little in common with household fridges and freezers. While household refrigerators are intended for a household's daily personal use, they are not suitable for cooling sensitive life science materials. Compared to these products, the BioLine cabinets not only offer a significantly higher performance and cooling capacity, but also considerably more specifications than any commercial refrigeration and freezer equipment.

This is why we assure you that you can rely on every product in our BioLine range to meet and exceed any current legislative requirements and international standards, right across the board. The BioLine offers six different types of biostorage solutions for the controlled storage of biological material. The complete BioLine series covers all storage needs - from the highest biostorage specifications for mission-critical jobs to general-purpose refrigerators and freezers.


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“Application” icons bridge the gap between product ranges and the requirements in the different segments, work environments and use patterns. Allowing for quick and precise evaluation of needs and requirements.

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