14. September 2021

When storing sensitive items. What is important?

When storing sensitive items, you want correct and stable temperatures in cabinets optimised for this exact purpose. It is not uncommon to see temperature critical items stored in domestic appliances that are designed to meet a completely different set of compliance requirements. Stored incorrectly, the medicines, vaccines or delicate materials, can potentially lead to reduced potency, lower the efficacy or protection they ultimately are supposed to provide.

When storing sensitive items

What is important?

No cold walls
Professional design differs considerably from domestic and commercial refrigerators by eliminating cold-wall-loss-of-items by frost exposure – even when placed up against the back wall. Using a finned tube evaporator and placing it away from the storage chamber, Gram Bioline cabinets eliminate cold walls. The design results in a storage chamber with no cold walls that can damage the items stored.

Temperature stability
When storing sensitive items, you want stable and correct temperatures to ensure validity and integrity. The Gram BioLine air distribution system leads a flow of cold air down a special distribution plate at the back of the cabinet interior. This air is then forced around inside the cabinet while it is moved upwards to the evaporator fan mounted in the top. This ensures the temperature is consistent everywhere in the cabinet.

Controls for peace of mind
To ensure continuous stable temperatures, the Gram BioLine MPC control lets you adjust several different parameters individually, so that you can adjust the cabinet’s operating profile to specific requirements or changing needs. Acoustic and visual alarm provides clear notification if either maximum or minimum permitted temperature is reached. All the alarm parameters are set separately.


Cabinets designed for professional use ensures reliability, capacity and long life. At Gram Bioline, we work closely with our customers to secure we deliver products that match their specifications. That means there are no standard configurations for cabinets in the Gram BioLine range – it would be highly unlikely that “standard” would live up to your particular working requirements.

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