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Gram BioLine proudly delievers a large order at the new hospital wing in Aabenraa

Suzan Schmidt showing off one of the Gram Bioline refrigerators.

In December 2019 Gram BioLine had the pleasure of delivering more than 30 cabinets to the hospital Sygehus Sønderjylland, Aabenraa in the southern part of Denmark. It is a testament to the great versatility, user friendliness and specialization of the BioLine cabinets that the doctors, nurses and other employees in the Hospital has chosen to continue using Gram BioLine as their main supplier for refrigerators and freezers.

Suzan Schmidt, project manager on the construction of a new wing, says that “the collaboration with Gram BioLine has been easy despite the many different product variations, short delivery times and storage solutions that they needed on the project. One of the big issues during the construction has been the many different laboratories that needed their own special setup in order to accommodate the different needs of the patients treated in that section of the hospital and Gram BioLine has solved that problem without any fuss.

Here at Gram BioLine we are of course always happy to help our customers and we have much experience in helping our customers choose the best suited equipment for their special project. This comes from having assisted everything from pharmacists over medical research laboratories to large hospitals in this segment – and we keep helping until the customer is satisfied.

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How do Pharmacies ensure medicine efficiency?

Temperature stability is of critical importance, when it comes to securing the efficiency of medicines.

It's recommended that most over the counter and prescription medications be stored at what's known as "controlled room temperature." Medications are manufactured under very strict specifications, and, whenever possible, these products are designed to remain stable at room temperature.

The active chemicals in any medication can change in molecular form when exposed to different temperatures, potentially resulting in decomposition of the medication. This decomposition can make medications less potent and may even result in new or different effects.

No medications can be stored at temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius

Temperatures above and beyond this range can have a significant effect on each medication. For example, diazepam loses 25% of its potency when stored over 36 degrees Celsius. Lorazepam loses 75% of its potency at that temperature. The main point is that medications should be stored at stable temperatures whether that be 5 degrees or 25 degrees.

Any deviation from the ideal environment can affect safety and jeopardize the drug’s quality, resulting in loss of potency, efficacy, or even the need to discard the product entirely. The loss of efficacy can result in many issues compromising the health of the patient. With some medications, the stakes are even higher. If epinephrine, for example, is exposed to repetitive heating and cooling, it can lose 64% of its efficacy. If a compromised dose of epinephrine is used to treat a patient suffering from a serious anaphylactic reaction, it may not work as intended, resulting in possible death.

Examples of drugs that require refrigeration may include:

  • Biologics 
  • Insulin 
  • Vaccines 
  • Products derived from blood or plasma 
  • Most HIV test kits 
  • Testing reagents

Here at Gram BioLine we suggest that pharmacies store the medicine in one of our BioLine refrigerators such as the BioCompact II that is perfect for storing medicines in a humidity- and temperature-controlled environment.

Birgit Nordh - Black and White
19 JUN 2018

New Area Sales Manager for Gram BioLine Sweden.

Gram BioLine would like to Introduce the new Area Sales Manager for Sweden Birgit Nordh.

Birgit will be working out of Stockholm and comes with experience as a Senior Sales Representative for Sacci and previously as Product and Sales manager from IM-Medico.

As the new Area Sales Manager for Sweden, she will be the main contact for inquiries regarding sales and accounts for Gram BioLine. She will welcome mails and calls from new and existing customers. Please don’t hesitate to contact her on phone number +46 (0) 70 821 66 22 or on e-mail, which is

09 AUG 2019

Refigeration is critical in the life-science industries

Household refrigerators should be denied access for professional use in the life-science industries. At least when it comes to storing temperature sensitive items. The common opinion is that a refrigerator is a refrigerator, it is not that difficult to keep a uniform and stable temperature in a refrigerator, right? You would be surprised!

Is it a relevant issue, whether a refrigerator designed to store food is also suitable for storing medicines, in an industry where large amounts of expensive and fragile items such as insulin are cold stored?
There is never only one temperature in a cabinet. There are many, depending on which point in the cabinet you measure the temperature. The difference depends on the environment, the degree of use and how the cooling system is constructed. The best possible temperature uniformity in a cabinet is achieved by having directional forced air circulation in the cabinet, which distributes the cold air evenly and minimizes hot / cold spots.

It was Jacob Hjelme’s normal refrigeration engineer who recommended a BioCompact cabinet from Gram Commercial, when he had to change cabinets. - He told me that the cabinets are used in the pharmaceutical industry, among others at Novo Nordisk. It gives me a great sense of security as a pharmacist. In addition, I think the cabinets are super nice and flexible, as it is easy to move entire drawer sections so that space can be accommodated for tall items. I am super happy with my aluminum drawers. They ooze good quality, says Jacob Hjelme, who has ordered cabinets number 9 and 10 for his three pharmacies.
Jacob has not yet had any problems with the cabinets even though he received the first back in 2012. - It is a seriously good fridge. I must say that, says Jacob Hjelme, when asked if he is satisfied with the cabinets and their performance.

For Jacob, it is extremely important that the cabinets run stably, with good circulation and no moisture, as he often has goods for more than DKK 100,000 in each cabinet. With such diverse drugs as vaccines and Parkinson's drugs that can be extremely temperature sensitive, and insulin that requires a stable and cool temperature as well as no moisture, it is extremely important that the refrigerators keep the temperature stable and the moisture out whether we have one. as hot summer as we had in 2018.
Gram BioLine's BioCompact II refrigeration and cooling cabinets, which Jacob believes are the best for his pharmacy, are especially designed to meet the high standards of medicine storage. With BioCompact II you get, among other things, Reliability, capacity and temperature stability mean you do not have to worry about your temperature sensitive items.
Jacob has connected a data logger from a 3rd party to his cabinets, as he believes it gives the best performance. In this way, he can also document that there has never been a hassle with his BioCompact IIs.

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Jacob Hjelme with BioCompact
09 MAY 2019

New National Sales Manager for Gram BioLine UK and Ireland.

Here at Gram BioLine we would like to Introduce our new National Sales Manager Jonathan Crossfield.

Jonathan will be working out of West Yorkshire area and comes with experience as a trained electrician as well as experience form Medical Device Capital sales at Cantel Medical.

As the new National Sales Manager, he will be the main contact point for inquiries regarding sales and accounts. He welcomes mails and calls from new and existing customers. Please don’t hesitate to contact him on his phone number 0 7771 563 826 or on e-mail, which is

Picture of National Sales Manager Jonathan Crossfield
19 JUN 2018

Newest addition to the technical product management team

We at Gram BioLine are pleased to announce the newest addition to the technical product management team – Bo Björk Thrane.
Bo has a background as an electrical engineer and has assumed his position as product specialist in Vojens, Denmark the 13th of August 2018.
A warm welcome to Bo.

Gram Bioline
Bo Bjoerk Thrane.png
19 JUN 2018

New addition to German sales team

We at Gram BioLine are pleased to announce the newest addition to the BioLine sales team - Thomas Weskamp. 

Refrigeration in high-spec scenarios is nothing new to Thomas - he will be assisting our German customers with his longstanding experience and breadth of knowledge in this field. 

Thomas assumes the role of area sales manager for Germany from the 19th of June 2018.

Reach Thomas Weskamp at: 
Telephone: +49 172 437 86 62

A warm welcome 

Gram BioLine

14 DEC 2017

Introducing stainless steel BioUltra UL570 -86°C freezer

We are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our product line-up; the BioUltra UL570 with stainless steel interior and exterior.The new all stainless steel version comes with all the specifications included in white BioUltra UL570 such as a cascade refrigeration system, vacuum insulated panels, insulated inner doors, easy and safe door handle operation and much more.Contact us for more information on this new addition to the BioLine family of products.

Learn more about BioUltra UL570
Gram BioLine Bioultra UL570 -86C freezer solid closed door, two insulated inner doors stainless steel
23 DEC 2016

Extended temperature range!

We are very pleased to announce, that we have extended the temperature range on our "ER" and "RR" refrigerators to a maximum setpoint temperature of +20°C.

  • BioPlus "ER" models have a temperature range of -2 /+20°C 
  • BioMidi, BioCompact / BioCompactii "RR" models have a temperature range of +2/+20°C

All giving them exciting new ways to helping you manage the growing requirements for storing temperature sensitive items, with the added benefit of greater flexibility in changing or new storage scenarios.

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All Gram BioLine refrigerators now go up to 20 degrees centigrade thermometer

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