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BioUltra UL570

BioUltra 570 specifications Applications tissue, medicine, GMP, GLP and Lab

ATEX marking
ll 3G Ex ec nC ic IIB T1 Gc

The BioUltra is our first ultra-low-temperature cabinet, designed and manufactured in Denmark, to meet exceptional expectations for safe storage. It has a powerful bottom mounted cascade refrigeration system, vacuum insulated panel technology and safe closing system constituted by multi-tier gasket placed in a labyrinth frame. Two 24.5 mm access ports for ease of access, e.g. sensors for external temperature surveillance.

BioUltra stainless steel open doors
BioUltra White open doors


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ULT - Done our way

Exceptional requirements met by exceptional capabilities. The BioUltra UL570 is a wholly new product in the BioLine range. With user-centric design, sustainability, functionality, performance and reliability as our ultimate goals, we strive to supply a product with the least possible interference with your work life.

The BioUltra UL570 is an ultra low temperature freezer that operates safely at -86°C. By utilising high-capacity components, cascade refrigeration system, latest generation VIP-technology and insulated inner doors, the BioUltra is able to maintain safe and stable interior conditions when operating at -86°C. 

Customisable layout allows users to adapt the cabinet to current storage requirement, 5 stainless steel perforated shelves are included as standard.

  • A rack capacity of 384 2”/50 mm boxes
  • VIP technology
  • Cascade refrigeration system 
  • Silent operation
  • Evaporator surrounding 5 sides
  • IQ, OQ documentation as a free download in our documentation section

Gram BioLine - from the ground up

BioUltra UL570, the first Gram BioLine Ultra Low Temperature freezer, has solely been developed at our in Vojens, Denmark. 

BioUltra ultra-low temperature storage cabinets are used by hospitals, laboratories, biobanks, research institutes, etc. that need to keep important biological material in the temperature range from -60°C to -90°C. The high-spec design makes these units ideal for safe long-term storage of temperature sensitive materials under consistent conditions, reliably maintaining their full validity and value.

Aerial photo of Gram Denmark Vojens

Specifications UL570

UL 570

Temperature range
Ambient temperature range
Control unit
Gram Control Unit with voltage free contact, alarms and offset function
Acoustic and visual, High/Low temperature alarms
Access port
2 pcs. Ø 24.5 mm
Material interior
White lacquered steel or stainless steel, inside of doors and bottom panel in stainless steel or all stainless steel
Material exterior
White lacquered steel or stainless steel
Dimensions (W x D x H)
856 x 979 x 1986/1996 (min./max. height)*
Net weight
Unpackaged net weight without optional fittings: 257 kg
Gross volume
570 litres
Modules for shelves and drawers
Adjustable with 12,5 mm increments, 5 Stainless steel perforated shelves come as standard
Rack capacity: 2"/50 mm boxes
384 boxes (using 4x4 racks) 38.400 vials (using 4x4 racks)
Rack capacity: 3"/75 mm boxes
192 boxes (using 3x4 racks) 19.200 vials (using 3x4 racks)
Rack capacity: 4"/100 mm boxes
192 boxes (using 2x4 racks) 19.200 vials (using 2x4 racks)
70 mm (HFC free cyclopentane) Vacuum insulated panels
Stage 1: R290 / Stage 2: R170
Sensors used
Levelling castors
Energy consumption (kWh/24h) (R290/R170)
Heat emission (Watt) (R290/R170)
230 V, 50 Hz, 16 Amp
Connection load (Watt) (R290/R170)
Start current (R290/R170)
25,7 A
Sound level
46.5 dB(A)
*Dimensions in mm
**100% operation at +23°C (+/- 1K) ambient temperature