BioCompact II

This is a compact refrigerator or freezer cabinet for a wide range of biostorage purposes where the prime focus is on dependability. The BioCompact II provides you with significantly better performance than any other cabinets in this segment for storing ordinary biomaterial under stable conditions. 

If you need to store different biomaterials at different times, this design gives you lots of ways to deal with individual storage needs, thanks to the versatile interior layout and a comprehensive selection of fixtures and fittings. The small footprint of this design also makes it the perfect biostorage unit for use in confined spaces.

The BioCompact II range comes in sizes between 125 litres and 600 litres, as regular refrigerator +2°C/+20°C or regular freezer -25°C/-5°C.


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Models in the BioCompact ll range

BioCompact II 210

Under bench refrigerator or freezer, applying itself to a wide

BioCompact II 210
BioCompact II 310

Intermediate sized cabinet, versatile layout, suited to

BioCompact II 310
BioCompact II 410

Full height cabinet with a small footprint, with prime focus on

BioCompact II 410
BioCompact II 610

Incorporating pivotal features from the top BioLine models

BioCompact II 610
BioCompact II 210/210 combination

Combination of 2 x 210 stacked, you chose the

BioCompact II 210/210 combination
BioCompact II RR310/RF210 combination

The BioCompact II 310/210 combination

BioCompact II RR310/RF210 combination

Choosing the right product..

“Application” icons bridge the gap between product ranges and the requirements in the different segments, work environments and use patterns. Allowing for quick and precise evaluation of needs and requirements.


A fridge isn't just a fridge

BioCompact cabinets sets itself apart by offering exceptional performance in a small package

No cold walls
The term “cold walls” and frost damage in a refrigerator is a common occurrence and challenge when dealing with storage of temperature sensitive materials such as medicines. 

Temperature-stability and uniformity
With a professional design that differs considerably from household and commercial refrigerators, one can eliminate cold walls and loss of items stored, caused by exposure to frost - even when placed up against the back wall of the cabinet.

By using a finned tube evaporator and placing it away from the storage chamber, one can be rid of cold walls one and for all. The finned evaporator cools the air passing through it, the air is then forced into the cabinet via a fan to evenly distribute the cold air throughout the cabinet interior.

Utilisation of storage space
As there is no need to take cold walls into consideration, the entire storage space can be used for storage, ensuring maximum utilisation of the cabinet.

What should you look for?

No cold walls 
- A refrigeration system that isn't located in the storage space, does away with cold walls, allowing for better and safer use of the storage space


Temperature stability
- Forced air distribution in the cabinet distributes air around the cabinet and ensures high temperature stability and uniformity


Professional components
– designed for professional use ensures reliability, capacity and long life


Acoustic and visual alarms 
– gives clear indication if temperature limits have been exceeded, providing extra security of the stored items


– must be adapted to the stored items. Allowing overview, good utilization of the storage space, improved ergonomics and high security of the stored items