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BioCompact is a general–purpose refrigerator/freezer cabinet for basic biostorage purposes where the focus is on reliability and refined performance. These units are ideal if you need refrigerated and/or deep–freeze biostorage that is more reliable and consistent than a traditional household fridge. The small footprint of this design also makes it the perfect biostorage solution when space is limited.

The BioCompact range comes in sizes between 125 litres and 346 litres, as regular refrigerator +2°C/+20°C or regular freezer -25°C/-5°C.

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BioCompact is the basic of Biostorage, providing the general circumstances of Biostorage

Models in the BioCompact range

The most compact model in the BioLine range, the BioCompact 210 is our under bench cabinet, BioCompact RF 210 closed solid door
BioCompact 210

Under bench refrigerator or freezer, applying itself to a wide range of biostorage purposes

The intermediate sized BioCompact 310 is able to be situated in places otherwise too big or too small for other cabinets. BioCompact RR 310 closed glass door shelves
BioCompact 310

Intermediate sized cabinet, versatile layout, suited to confined spaces

The BioCompact 410 is a fullsize refrigerator or freezer, BioCompact RR410 closed glass door abs drawers
BioCompact 410

Full height cabinet with a small footprint, with prime focus on dependability and exceptional performance

The BioCompact 210/210 combination, is a stacked cabinet consisting of two BioCompact 210 cabinets mounted together. Closed solid doors
210/210 Combi

Combination of 2 x 210 stacked, you chose the configuration

Gram BioLine applications for products

Choosing the right product..

“Application” icons bridge the gap between product ranges and the requirements in the different segments, work environments and use patterns. Allowing for quick and precise evaluation of needs and requirements.

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A fridge isn't just a fridge

BioCompact cabinets sets itself apart by offering exceptional performance in a small package

No cold walls
The term “cold walls” and frost damage in a refrigerator is a common occurrence and challenge when dealing with storage of temperature sensitive materials such as medicines. 

Temperature-stability and uniformity
With a professional design that differs considerably from household and commercial refrigerators, one can eliminate cold walls and loss of items stored, caused by exposure to frost - even when placed up against the back wall of the cabinet.

By using a finned tube evaporator and placing it away from the storage chamber, one can be rid of cold walls one and for all. The finned evaporator cools the air passing through it, the air is then forced into the cabinet via a fan to evenly distribute the cold air throughout the cabinet interior.

Utilisation of storage space
As there is no need to take cold walls into consideration, the entire storage space can be used for storage, ensuring maximum utilisation of the cabinet.

Gram BioLine - built to spec.


Customised to your needs

Every single user has a unique set of requirements for how a biostorage fridge or freezer should be configured, and how the interior should be laid out. That’s why there are no standard arrangements for cabinets in the BioLine range – it’d be highly unlikely that “standard” would live up to your particular working requirements.

Specifying a BioLine cabinet to exactly your needs, and to customise both the operating specifications and the interior layout of your BioLine cabinets, so that they’re right in line with your particular requirements, is what BioLine cabinets are about.

Gram BioLine - products in warehouse in Vojens
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