28. June 2021

A whole lifetime as part of the Gram family

A whole lifetime as part of the Gram family

No one is indispensable, but some people leave a mark. Henning Jessen is one of those people, and he has just celebrated 50 years of employment at Gram. We had a talk with Henning at his desk in the factory in Vojens, Denmark. And the more he talked, the more anecdotes - from his 50 years at Gram - he remembered.


“I never planned to stay for so long, actually, I just wanted to be able to buy a moped. But the exciting tasks and special assignments I have been given, made me stay” Henning Jessen says with a smile.


Henning Jessen has been part of the Gram family for 50 years. He started at Aage Grams Vej 1, in Vojens, as a floor sweeper, 15 years old, in 1971. At that time some of the buildings we see today were just green fields, the salary was paid in cash and the hierarchy was very different from what we experience today.


“There was a big difference on high and low, we used Mr. and Mrs. when we addressed each other - and the freedom with responsibility we know today, was just different at that time or non-existent”, Henning explains.


During his career, Henning Jessen has worked in numerous positions and projects. Everything from setting up exhibitions, machine setup and operations manager for the some of the production lines (if not all for short durations) having responsibility of up to 130 colleagues. Today Henning is heading up Supplier Quality Control, and quality out, his extensive experience being a key contributing driver to do what he does.


Henning Jessen shows us around the factory and demonstrates with great enthusiasm how the Gram BioLine products are tested. His smile and positivity is infectious – maybe a reason why he has not had a single sick day in 50 years.


When asked about retirement, Henning is still not completely sure when. He can retire officially next year, but would prefer to just work less hours, if possible.


Henning expressed gratitude for the different challenges that he has been offered during these last 50 years. The whole of Gram are equally, if not more, grateful for Henning and his contribution to our 120 year history.


Congratulations to Henning on the 50, can we say 20 more for old times’ sake?