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BioMidi EF425

BioMidi EF 425 specifications Applications ATEX, tissue, medicine, GMP, GLP and Lab

Resembling the regular 425, the EF is a low temperature freezer capable of running at -40°C. The "EF" (extended freezer) model range comes standard with a handle for secure closing, and PMMA inner doors for maximum cold retention during door openings. Despite this different operating range, the EF425 retains the benefits inherent to the 425 cabinet, relatively small size, ergonomics and performance.

The BioMidi EF425 is solely available as the -40°C/-5°C model, and comes in stainless/aluminium or all stainless interior and white, stainless/aluminium or all stainless exterior.

Scroll down to the accessory panel to see what fittings you can equip the cabinet with.

Did you mean the BioMidi freezer or refrigerator?

The BioMidi EF 425 offers all the great values of the BioMidi range and additionally temperatures down to -40°

Accessories and interior fittings for EF425

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Customised to your needs

Every single user has a unique set of requirements for how a biostorage fridge or freezer should be configured, and how the interior should be laid out. That’s why there are no standard arrangements for cabinets in the BioLine range – it’d be highly unlikely that “standard” would live up to your particular working requirements.

Our approach is to make sure that all the BioLine cabinets featured have a high standard specification. 

We then provide you with a comprehensive selection of optional features, as well as standardised modules for internal arrangements, fittings and accessories. 
These choices enable you to select exactly what you need, and to customise both the operating specifications and the interior layout of your BioLine cabinets, so that they’re right in line with your particular requirements.

With a cabinets service life expected to be many years, we argue that using a little more time in selecting the configuration that suites your exact specifications, is worth it.

All BioLine cabinets have a flexible layout, and can be altered on a whim; and if the need should arise, you can easily acquire new fittings according to the changing needs.

Specifications EF425

EF 425

Temperature range
Ambient temperature range
Control unit
Gram Control Unit with voltage free contact, alarms and offset function
Acoustic and visual, High/Low temperature alarms and door alarm
Access port
1 pcs. Ø 24.5 mm
Material interior
Aluminium/stainless steel or stainless steel and inner doors in PMMA
Material exterior
White lacquered steel or aluminium/stainless steel or stainless steel
Dimensions (W x D x H)
622 x 731 x 1979/2000*
Net weight
Unpackaged net weight without optional fittings: 112 kg
Gross volume
425 litres
Net volume
303 litres
Modules for shelves and drawers
Shelves 25 - Drawers 12
60 mm polyurethane with HFC-free cyclopentane propellant
Solid door 0.3147 W/m²K
R290/ R404A/prepared for external compressor
R404A: 1059
Refrigeration capacity at -40°C
R290 396 watt; R404A 378 watt
Energy consumption (kWh/24h) (R290)
Energy consumption (kWh/24h) (R404A)
Heat emission (Watt) (R290)
Heat emission (Watt) (R404A)
230 V, 50 Hz
Connection load (Watt) (R290)
Connection load (Watt) (R404A)
Start current (R290)
23,5 A
Start current (R404A)
23,4 A
Sound level
57.8 dB(A)
Air system
BioLine ventilated air distribution system
Defrost system
Automatic smart defrost with re-evaporation of the defrost water
*Dimensions in mm
**100% operation at +23°C (+/- 1K) ambient temperature
The BioMidi 425 offers a unique combination of performance and ergonomics in a small package
BioMidi 425

Good ergonomics and cost-effective performance in a small package

The BioMidi 625 offers as the largest in the BioMidi group a great cost effective ergonomics and performance
BioMidi 625

Largest BioMidi cabinet, facilitating good ergonomic work-flow with high volume

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